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Patient Condition Updates

If you’re looking for updates on a patient’s condition, know that all healthcare providers, us included, need to abide by HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996), which prohibits the release of patient information without the patient’s consent. Patient conditions and information will only be released by authorized hospital personnel in accordance with general HIPAA guidelines.

Below you’ll find guidance that applies to your particular situation.

Are you calling to ask about a family member or loved one?

To reach patients admitted to the hospital, call the main hospital number (207) 363-4321 and speak to a member of our Care Access team. Please note that we respect the wishes of patients who prefer to not receive phone calls to the room.

Are you visiting a patient?

At York Hospital, family members are involved in the care of our patients to whatever extent our patients want them to be. We don’t wish to restrict your ability to visit—after all, visitors can be good medicine!

We encourage you to ask questions about your loved one’s care so that you feel just as comfortable as they do. Take comfort knowing our visitor policy adapts to ensure that the highest standards of safety are being met for our patients, visitors, and caregivers.

While in the patient’s room, please be mindful that we have quiet times so that patients can have some time during the day to rest.

Are you a member of the media inquiring about a patient?

The confidentiality of medical records and the right of a hospital patient to privacy are as important to the hospital as the patient’s medical care. For patients treated at York Hospital, only the conditions of those involved in an incident that is a matter of public record and reportable to public authorities (i.e., police, medical examiner, or public health officer) will be released. The media must provide a patient name in order to receive a condition report.

Have questions?

For inquiries, please contact our Community Relations Office at (207) 351-2385. For after-hours calls, dial (207) 363-4321 and a communications staff member will be paged.